Noticing Greg missing today

I’ve known Greg since I was a kid. There are any number of stories about Greg I could mention here, which puts me in a spot a lot of people who knew him probably are in – “where to start? What to highlight? How to edit? Maybe I’ll wait another day until I write something” and then one day turns into a week, a month, etc. But here’s a big one that stuck out to me today –

I’ve recently moved to Berlin Germany for the foreseeable future. This is obviously a huge change for me and my family, but I’m surprised at the lack of interest I’ve received about it from close friends I’ve known a long time. I excuse this “oversight” on their behalf by saying they are busy and so on and so forth, but it occurred to me that outside of family, Greg would have been the one person to ask “How’s it going? How’s the move to a new country? How are the kids taking it? Are you going to take language classes? What about work?” and been sincerely, truly, concerned.

This kind of true, honest, friendship is rare in the world and he is missed.