Greg’s Love for Baseball Books

As we all know, Greg had hundreds of online friends. If you were fortunate enough to be among those whose phone number he had on speed dial, then you most certainly had the great pleasure to engage with Greg for hours at a time about his greatest passion – Baseball Books. He was a voracious reader and had an incredible facility for recalling the details and nuance of everything he ever read. When I was SABR’s RSM, I remember sharing w/him about a particular unpublished manuscript that had landed on my desk – and some years later, I discovered that he not only picked it up after it was published, but read it and pulled out a particular factoid that put the facts into a different light for a seasoned beatwriter.

Although I had been reading Greg’s stuff on rsbb for years, when I finally did meet him at SABR30 in West Palm Beach, my thought was that this young guy has forgot more baseball than I’ll ever know. I guess I’ll forever be playing catchup until.

On one call in particular, Greg and I noodled a concept about how to re-imagine SABR. We are more far than the intersection of 50-plus Regional Chapters & two dozen Research Committees. Essentially, We Are What We Read. We Are All About Baseball Books. We read ’em, we write ’em, we index ’em, we review ’em, we buy ’em, we sell ’em. We love ’em. It’s who we are, it’s what we do.

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